Photo Tips – Quick tips

Here are a few of the basics:

  • If you are photographing someone inside, don’t have them stand in front of a window. Turn them so that they are facing the window. This will give you better light and ensure their faces are properly exposed.
  • When you’re using your phone to take a photograph of more than one person, turn it to the horizontal position. This feels a little more natural if you were to print the photo. Plus, more people fit in the frame!
  • Think about angles when you take a photo of others (or a selfie!). Taking the photo from a higher vantage point will always make the subjects appear slimmer.
  • If you’re photographing little kids, instead of saying “Say Cheese”, ask them if someone tooted or something else equally silly! You’re much more likely to get a real smile that way instead of the grimace that sometimes comes with a cheese!

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