Photo Tips – Fall Photo Sessions

Since fall photos are coming up soon, we’re going to focus on some tips for having the best photo shoot day possible!

  1. Outfits! We’ve found that the best way to plan the family’s outfits is to pick out Mom’s outfit first and then base everyone else’s off of that. Let’s say you’re going to wear a blue, green and white dress. Your spouse could wear a shirt in a matching blue, your son could wear a shirt in a matching green, and your daughter could wear a white dress. This way, you all coordinate nicely, but aren’t too matchy matchy.
  2. Ladies, hair and makeup can make you feel like a super model! If it’s in budget, we would recommend having it done professionally the day of your session (we have a great recommendation if you need one!). If it’s not in budget, take a few extra minutes and do something that makes you feel just a little special! Whether that is adding a new eye shadow color, or curling your hair, it can’t hurt to feel extra confident!
  3. Be sure to be on time or a few minutes early. There is nothing worse than stressing all the way to the shoot, just to arrive hot and sweaty.
  4. Bring snacks and drinks! If your kiddos are little, they’re probably going to need a few breaks.
  5. During the session, enjoy yourself! Play with your kids, have a tickle war; these are the things that will get you those really beautiful candid moments.
  6. Make it a fun family night. Sessions are usually held in the evenings. So when the session is over, head out to dinner! We have tons of great restaurants in The Woodlands. If you need a recommendation, just ask!

Fall sessions are our absolute favorite! If you need any other help planning your session please ask! We’re here to help. We’re starting to fill up, so be sure to schedule your session ASAP!

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