Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my sweet mamas out there.

Whether you are expecting, a mama of three or desperately want a baby, those maternal feelings that you are having are real and make you a mama today. So take some time for yourself today. Even if it is just a few moments of quiet in the bathroom. 🙂

Today is special day to celebrate that you made it through another year of early mornings, late nights, and really long days. But soon, yes really soon; those will all be gone and those little feet will be off to college and you will miss them terribly.

So enjoy this Mother’s day with the hand-made cards. I have about 5 more years of it.

Caden is in Middle school. I am soaking up every moment before mine flies the coup. He let me have a few photos for Mother’s day (see below).

Photo by Lovebird PhotographieHappy Mother’s everyone!

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