Grandkids are the best

Grandkids do a lot for the grandparents. Keep them active, keeps their mind alert and typically they will be less depressed and lonely.

But did you know there are also benefits for their grandkids when the grandparents are consistently in their lives? Here are a few:

– Stability and safety, especially in strained familial situations

– Connections between siblings and cousins

– Cultural and community ties, especially in families with different traditions and language

Unique life experience that can help their grandchildren navigate moral and ethical questions

– Improved language skills

– A bridge across the generational divide through shared wisdom and tales from the past

And these don’t necessarily have to be blood related grandparents. When growing up, both of my grandparent sets were very far away. So I had many “grandparents” in the city we lived in. They were wonderful people who I still see to this day. Stand in grandparents work just as well.

Family can be found anywhere.

Do your children have grandparents that they can learn from?

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