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Well, hi there! So you are thinking of booking Kara Powell Photography for a family or newborn session? We could not be more pleased! We can not wait to talk with you and find out all about you and your family. When you start your process with us, our first step with be a consultation with us to find out all about your family, why you are doing the session and your vision for the session. So here are a few questions, that I ask during a consultation. If you have your own questions, I am more than happy to answer them.

  1.  What are the feelings you most hope to capture during this time?
  2.  Describe your vision for this session and what you above all want to capture?
  3.  Tell me what is so special about this time in your life?
  4.  Are you drawn to any images on our website or Facebook? Why?
  5.  What are you looking to do with your portraits after the session? (small prints, canvas, wall portraits, albums, digital files, etc..) Where are you displaying your images?
  6.  Look around your home describe your home decor, please include colors?  Some examples are: vintage, rustic, bright, be achy, organic, romantic, traditional, soft, rich tones, modern)?
  7.  Please describe the color and nursery decor you’ve selected for the baby’s room, child’s room?
  8. In your previous photography sessions, did you prefer posed or lifestyle images? Or a combination of both?
  9.  Is there a nursery theme or a special heirloom or family piece you have and would like incorporated into your session?
  10.  Is there a specific wall or location you would like to display or hang your pictures? Where? (living room, nursery, bedroom, hallway, etc…)
  11.  What things are unique to your family?  Special interests, collections, character traits?
  12.  For older babies, what are some milestones that are happening right now? (smiles, rolling over, sitting, clapping, standing with assistance, walking…)
  13.  Are there special toys, movies, books or characters your child/children are into right now?
  14.  Is there anything specific you do not want photographed (certain angle, avoid profile shots, over the head shots, full body, backside, etc…)
  15. Everyone always asks about what to wear. How are you feeling about clothing?
  16.  We love to connect with all our client family, tag for sneak peeks or fun mentions, do you have a FB or IG profile we can connect with?
  17.  Why did you choose Kara Powell Photography?

Once we go through this consultation, I will have a much better idea of what you are looking for in a session. I will also have a great idea of how you are feeling about your session. I can send you more information about the sections that you may need more help in.

Are you looking for a family photographer? You have come to the right place? Drop me a line and let’s talk. Or call me! 832-573-3731. I would love to capture your family in a unique way. Now is the perfect time.

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