Kara’s Moving Favorites

If you know me and my crazy family. You know that we move a lot. And by a lot I mean every 5-8 years or so. We like to find new houses and upgrade. I wish that meant we didn’t have a lot of stuff to move. It doesn’t.

We have a LOT.

So we have gotten pretty good and finding little tricks to make the horrible task of moving just a little easier.

Here are just a few of my favorite Amazon finds that have saved us in the past.

If you are moving in the future, get some of these. They are amazing. Especially if you aren’t unpacking for a bit. The Veno 10 pack of moving bags with straps came in so handy. Since we were in a rent home for 2 years most of our season clothes sat in these bags.

If you have ever tried to move, you know that moving a mattress is just awful. Well, if you purchase one of these it can be a breeze. The Nordic Elk Mattress Bag has handles! And it covers the whole mattress so it doesn’t get dirty.

Pack of 6 moving blankets. You think you won’t need them. But you will.

We have so many dolls and hand trucks. This one folds flat you guys. So handy. The Spacekeeper folding hand truck. Holds up to 500lbs. You will need this.

Duck Packing tape gun. Go ahead and purchase 3 or 4. They are never in the room you need them to be in.

Erase-a-hole saved us so many times. If you have drywall, you will need this to fill in all of those nail holes.

Tape Man Blue makes the best floor coverage. We just recently purchased a new build and while moving all of our furniture in, we didn’t want our floors messed up. So we purchased some of this to put in the high traffic areas. It worked great. We even left it up for a couple of weeks while we got everything settled.

If you have limited storage under your sink. Grab the MadeSmart 2-tier plastic slide out storage bins. I have two of these and they are fabulous.

Why write on each box. Just get the stickers. 960 color coded stickers that are removable for only $15. So much easier.

If you only knew how many of these we have. They are great for holiday storage as well. But for moving you need all the same size so they pack evenly. CX Black and Yellow storage totes. I find that the 27 gallon totes are good. Not too heavy to carry on your own.

And yes, we keep all of our moving supplies between moves.

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