Kara’s favorite things

It is kinda like Oprah’s favorite things, but I am no where near Oprah.

But I love to share some of my favorite finds from Amazon lately. Just in case you don’t know about them yet.

I love to shop online. (Why put on clothes and go out!) Especially when I am swamped taking family photos in the spring and fall. So let’s go shopping for my favorite things!!

Nixplay 15.6″ digital photo frame. I have several of these in my home. But the 15.6″ wifi enabled touch screen is the newest version. Bigger is better.

Miele Cat and Dog vacuum cleaner. We made an investment 5 years ago and it was amazing. Yes, this is an expensive vacuum. But it is the best vacuum I have ever owned. And we have animals, y’all! It is a canister which can be annoying but you can clean it. Such a powerhouse.

A portable hard drive from Seagate. This one is 2TB. I purchase one every year to back up the KPP sessions.

Set of four shoe zipper bags. They are so handy for vacations. And only $12. I never need all four. So I give two to Caden.

Running belt from Fitgriff. I use this everyday. I used to walk or run holding my phone. Now it goes in my running belt and I never think about it again. So handy!

Whimzees dental chews are Cash’s favorite treat. I buy a LOT of them. He likes the alligator Medium or Large ones. But really any of them will do.

Kenra Platinum Working Spray 14 is amazing. My professional Hair and Makeup artist told me about it since I have a hard time keeping my curls.

In our house with a golden retriever, we use a LOT of these. Amazon says we have ordered these 9 times. Evercare Ultra Sticky Pet Lint roller. You can purchase the long stick separately. These are great for getting pet hair off of beds, couches, you, etc.

Best purchase ever. My cat is obsessed with these tiny springs. They are everywhere in my house. 60 in a pack.

AirTags have recently been my friend. We use them for a lot of things. Traveling, in all of our important bags and most recently my cat now wears one. So we purchase them in 4 packs. Super handy when things are missing. Just make sure to label them when setting them up. Here is the waterproof AirTag holder for dog/cat collars.

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