How to Have Fun During Your Session

One of the things I hear the most while I am on location, is that I am just not photogenic.

Um… Everyone is photogenic in their own way. You just have to have fun and be you.

So here are a few ways to have fun and let loose during a photo session.

  1. Be spur of the moment. – Do fun things and be a little crazy. The more fun you have, the better it is going to look in the photos, especially with kids.
  2. Do something – Have a family activity like reading, tickling, playing ball. Whatever is something that your family would regularly do, let’s do that. It will look natural and you will all be together is a small space.
  3. Tell jokes – Even bad jokes make people laugh. So I love jokes. Even little kid jokes, which are usually the only ones I can remember. 🙂
  4. Go some place different – I tend not to go to the regular parks for sessions, because they are full of photographers. Let’s go to Target or your favorite coffee shop. Different is good, right? I always ask for permission, don’t worry. You don’t want your family images to look just like everyone else.
  5. Move – When in doubt, just move. Dance, jump, do something! Kids do it. Why can’t you?
  6. Be with friends – your best furry friend. I absolutely love dogs. So if your family has a well-behaved dog, bring him or her along. It is a sure fire way to put a little fun in any situation.

So now that you know how to add a little fun into your family session, let’s get started! Click here to book your session. We would love to help you have a fabulous time capturing your memories this year.

Six year old laughing in a park in Conroe TX
Spring TX two year old playing in Rob Fleming park
Five year old standing on one foot during a family session in Tomball TX

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