How to hang your Wall Art

We’ve all been there… You just had a fantastic photo session and purchased beautiful wall art of your family. But now you have to hang it.



If you feel like this, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with tips and tricks on how to hang your wall art without looking like Kevin.

Wrapping paper or newspaper
Painters Tape
Measuring Tape
Gorgeous Wall Art

Step 1:
Cut out templates of each piece of art. You can do this by using newspaper, wrapping paper, or taping printer paper together. (PRO tip: if your paper is curling and making things difficult, give it a few passes with a low heat iron. Just be sure that your steam settings are off, and that your heat setting is nice and low. You can always raise the temp a bit if it doesn’t seem to be doing anything.)


Step 2:
Lay out your artwork to get an idea of how you would like to display it and the distance you would like to have between each piece.


Step 3:
Find the point on the wall that will be the center for the grouping. In this case, it was the center of a long wall. Then determine what height you would like the art to hang at. The gallery standard is for the center of the art to be about about 60 inches from the floor. Tape your templates onto the wall using painters tape or another easily removable tape. You’ll want to measure the spaces between your templates as you hang to make sure they are evenly spaced. (PRO tip: ask a family member for assistance in measuring. It’s hard to properly measure large walls!)

Step 4:
Hang the center most piece of wall art. If your grouping is not symmetrical, start with the largest main piece in the group. Find the point on the wall which will be the center for the grouping. In this case, it was the center of a long wall. Then, using a pencil, make a mark on the wall where you will place the nail. Take into account how low or high the hanger on the art is when making this mark. Hold your piece of art up to the mark and see if it feels about right. If it does, go ahead and hammer in your nail. Then hang your piece. (PRO tip: If your templates are perfectly placed, you can use a pencil to poke through them in exactly the spot where you want the nail.)

Step 5:
Using a ruler or measuring tape, check that your templates are still the correct distance from your hung piece of art. If it seems off by a small amount, try sliding the hung piece left or right. Saw tooth hangers and wire hangers are typically rather forgiving if you aren’t too far off!

Step 6:
Measure the distance from the edge of the hung piece to the center of your next piece. In this case, we wanted two inches between the center photo and the 8x10s on the left and right. So that means our nail needs to go in 7 inches from the already hung piece. We also wanted an inch above the top canvas and below the bottom canvas, so we had two inches in between the top and bottom canvases. Repeat this step for each art piece to the left and right of the main piece. (PRO tip: Measure twice (or more!) so that you only hammer once.)

Step 7:
Straighten or shift the pieces until they are all straight and equidistant.

Step 8:
Stand back and admire your handy work!


We hope this guide helped! If you have any questions please let us know.

And if this seems like too much work, just give us a call! We offer free installations on artwork purchased from us.*


*Travel fee applies to locations more than 30 miles from the studio.

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