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In recent years, advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) technology have made it possible to use AI for various applications, including headshots.

AI algorithms can be trained to detect and correct flaws in headshots, such as red-eye or skin blemishes. By analyzing the image, the AI can make adjustments to brightness, contrast, and color balance to create a more visually appealing headshot. In addition, AI can also be used to remove or replace backgrounds, adjust facial expressions, and even change the lighting of the image.

The question is – should we use it and are the results something that is useful.

One of the benefits of using AI for headshots is the speed and efficiency it provides. Instead of spending time manually editing and retouching photos, AI algorithms can quickly and accurately process large volumes of images in a fraction of the time it would take a human. This can be particularly useful for companies or individuals who need to produce a large number of headshots, such as for a team photo or for a social media campaign.

While there are many benefits to using AI for headshots, it is important to note that AI is not a replacement for human expertise. A skilled photographer or graphic designer can bring a unique perspective and creative vision to the process of creating a headshot that cannot be replicated by an AI algorithm. Additionally, AI algorithms can make mistakes or produce unnatural-looking results if not properly trained or supervised.

I recently tried out one of these programs to see for myself what the result might be.

They asked for 10 photos of me and $30. And within 6 hours I received 100 AI provided headshots. They were all very similar in nature, so I am going to include just a few here to show you some of the things that you could expect if you chose to do the same.

One of my images had a camera in it. So a few of my AI produced headshots had a camera in it. Cool, yet it had been modified in various ways.

The images I provided had all kinds of lengths of hair. So my images were all over the place with hair length. Maybe a great way to see what you would look like with different hairstyles. But not a great way to get a fabulous headshot.

Some of the images I sent I had my hands up around my face; which I do a lot. I do not think I would recommend this.

Some are the images are fairly decent – lighting wise. While others are just plain bad. I think lighting makes or breaks a photo. Your eyes need to sparkle. Take a look at this image. The lighting is better in this image compared to the others. My eyes look brighter. And frankly, I guess I should hang out in the forest in green. My coloring looks great.

From afar, most of these look ok. But when you take a closer look a professional photographer is the way to go. Details matter.

The lighting is really bad.

I am missing all kinds of fingers. Fine wrinkles are gone but my deep wrinkles are really prominent. Double irises are not ok. Double arms and arms in weird places are wrong. Double chins and boxy boys are very prominent here.

Creep double iris!

My jewelry was obviously copied and they tried to paste it in; but did a bad job.

In conclusion, AI technology has great potential in many places in society. However, I think with as many things that need attention to detail while taking a photo. The best thing to do is hire a photographer that has experience with branding and headshots. This way they can make sure your best image is being portrayed. And not giving you multiple arms or eyes.

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