Cat and Dog Accessories

Are you an obsessed dog or cat mom like I am?

I can go months without buying myself something. But show me a cute dog bandanna and it is in the cart!

So I thought I would show you some of the things that I have purchased lately for my babies.

Check out this 7 piece dog toy. Typically Cash doesn’t like toys, but the little tiny animals were a hit with him. And there were so many of them. All for $23. They have other options, but I just loved the Woodlands feel and so did Cash.

He also loves his chewies. Don’t tell him that these are good for him. The Whimzees by Wellness Alligator Natural Dental Chews are his favorite.

When my big boy wants to look dapper, I get him all suited up in a fancy bandana. This is a set of 8. Who doesn’t need a ton of bandanas? We have them for fall, spring, etc.

Or if you aren’t into bandanas. How about bow ties? I always suggest that you coordinate your outfits with your dog. Here is a link that has 21 colors in Small, Medium and Large.

Cash is not the best walker. He loves to pull. So we bought him a harness. This helps a lot. Bonus that it has his name and # on it if he gets lost. This is the large. But it also comes in other sizes.

If your doggie rides in the car like mine does, please get him or her a seat belt. It attaches to the car seat latch. And this one has a bungee on it in case of an accident. Better to be safe than sorry.

This is something we use everyday and it has saved us so much time. This mat catches all of the little and you can just empty it back into the pan. So easy! We purchased the really large one because she likes to fling it everywhere.

If you want to entertain your kitty for a bit, get a ball launcher. It is fun for you and her. We have had hours of fun with it. And it wears them out.

Mine also likes springs. We have so many of these all over the floor. But she loves them. And they are super cheap.

We also purchase a LOT of scratchers. This one is a two in one for $20. Comes with kitty-nip.

I could go on and on. If you have favorites, share them with me. And let me know if you have any questions. I hope these were helpful.

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