Boy Mamas

Where are my boy mamas at? Oh you know who you are. You have Hot Wheels in your purse. Know how to fart on various parts of your body. Can identify weird smells. Have gone through all the phases of firetrucks, trains, Pokeman, Minecraft, etc. Have read all of the books of Bad Kitty to Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Your house is covered with boy toys (and probably your yard, your car, etc.)

Boys are wild and crazy, but they can also be super sweet. Mine is thick into puberty. So we have a lot of cranky days. But I’m hoping that this will go quickly. All the other stages did. 

I can not relate to girl moms, as I only have a boy. I remember when they told us in the Ultrasound room that it would be a boy. I burst into tears. I was so disappointed. But God knew what he was doing. So boy mamas, what are some things you love about being a boy mom?

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