10 Things Infertility has Taught Me

It took 6 years for my husband and I to conceive my son. It was a long journey, but we both learned a lot. Here are a few things that I can pass along to hopeful parents entering the infertility journey.

  1. Life is not easy – everyone has things in their life. Some easy. Some hard. But if life was all roses, you wouldn’t have a story to tell.
  2. Patience – If I have learned anything from my journey, it is patience. It took us 6 years to finally conceive our sweet boy. And now we cherish every moment with him. So have patience in all you do. Enjoy the little things.
  3. Hard things can bring you close to family, if you share – If you share your infertility journey with your family you will be surprised at how many people may have similar stories as you. Many families have been brought closer because of this. I know mine has. I have found so many life long friends by talking about it.
  4. Every story of infertility is different. This is your journey. Don’t assume that your story is the same as your friends. So just listen.
  5. You never know what someone is going through. So don’t assume you do. Some assume it was easy for you to get pregnant. Or question why you didn’t have another child.
  6. Positive thinking is everything! – It wasn’t until I expected a miracle that I received one. So everyone I meet, I suggest that they have a healthy dose of positive thinking in every aspect of their infertility journey.
  7. Make goals and be flexible – I am a planner. So I had a lot of goals and plans when it came to my journey and all of the cycles. I loved all of the calendars, scheduling and such. But I also had to be super flexible. Things changed frequently and at the drop at the hat.
  8. This journey is not cheap – Be ready to shell out some serious cash for this journey. Depending on the state you are in, insurance may or may not cover some of your procedures. Adoption and foster care costs are often not covered at all. Families often resort to taking loans, putting things on credit cards or borrowing from family members. So start saving!
  9. Everything happens for a reason – I have learned that what we thought would happen, didn’t. We thought we would have a family of several kids within a few years. Instead it took 6 years to make one child. From speaking to many, many families – the path that they expected to take never turns out to be the one they end up on. But the destination is far better.
  10. Never give up – By working with a lot of mamas going through various ways to build their families, I have a found that they have one thing in common. They never gave up. No matter what was thrown at them; they were flexible, patient and thought positive.

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