Small Business Thank you

This year has been rough. We all know it. For everyone. 

And this weekend is a big shopping weekend. So I have a favor to ask if you are thinking of spending a little money. Can you make at least one purchase at a #smallbusinesses? All of us would greatly appreciate it.

It has been really tough this year to stay open. And when you purchase from us, you help our family. You may even help us stay open a few more days. 

So I’m asking my clients to comment below their favorite small local businesses, so that we can share the love this busy #smallbusinesssaturday and #cybermonday2020. I’m sure we will all have sales of some kind or be selling gift cards for the future. My Small Business sale goes live on Friday. Let’s help each other out and make this Christmas amazing for all of our families. Merry Christmas everyone!

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