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When I start prepping my clients for their Santa sessions, the information below is what I send them. In case you have some kiddos that may not be too thrilled about their upcoming trip to see Jolly Old St. Nick, I thought I might share the information.

Here are some things to do to make sure your kids are a little more familiar with Santa. If your child is hesitant when meeting strangers, especially strangers dressed as jolly old men, here are some things to start doing today.

  • Start talking to them today about Santa
  • Show them photos of him and tell them they are going to see him (If you are coming to visit us, there are photos and videos of our Santa all over our Facebook page!)
  • Talk about what you are going to do with Santa and Santa’s job
  • Read books about Santa or watch a movie about him
  • Be positive about the experience and get excited about it!
  • Bring props like their Christmas list, their favorite toy, or blanket
  • Maybe bring a present for Santa to give your child or book for them to read together
  • Make ho, ho, ho noises when talking about Santa so they know what Santa says
  • Sing Christmas carols so they know what the Santa area will probably sound like
  • If your child tends to be shy, this is just fine. Don’t push them. Remember we tell kids to not talk to strangers, and Santa is a stranger.
  • Of course make sure they are well fed, napped and happy!

Dressing for Santa: 
Be sure your child is comfortable. Most people aren’t happy in a 3 piece suit or pantyhose. So, they might not be either. 🙂

Basically just prep your child as much as you can. If Santa isn’t a stranger, you should be good to go!

I hope this helps ease the holiday stress just a little. Remember to have fun and enjoy those kiddos!

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