Photo Tips – What time to take photos

Today were going to talk about the best times to take photos. For portrait photographers there are 2 perfect times a day to shoot: Sunrise and sunset, also called the golden hours. The light at these times is warmer looking and much softer than other times of day.

If you have ever booked a session with us and thought, “Really? You want us up at the crack of dawn?” or “Why do we have to shoot at dinner time?!”, now you know why! In order to give you the best images we can, we try to shoot at one of the golden hours.

Porter TX two year old during his construction theme birthday session

The golden hour can be applied to most types of photography, not just portrait photography. Because of the direction of the sun, there aren’t harsh shadows or too much light. The golden hour allows for creative shots as well. When the sun is rising or setting you can get great back lit shots, as well as awesome silhouettes.

If you’re looking for a creative photographer to capture some fun moments with your family, give us a call!

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