Photo Tips – Summertime Sessions

This month we’re going to chat about the best places to do a summertime photo session. There are lots of options when it comes to looking for session ideas and locations in the summer. A great place to start is your own back yard! That way you can come and go from the cool inside as needed, plus if you have a pool we can end the session with some fun water images where the kids jump in. And if you don’t have a pool, sprinkler photos can be pretty cute too! If you’d like examples of these, let us know!

Another good option for the summer is an indoor session. This could take place at your home, or we can show you a few different studios in the area that feel a little less stark than your typical studio. Again, if you’d like to see examples of what that looks like, let us know!

Last but not least, pick your favorite outdoor location and just go for it! It’s far better to have slightly sweaty family photos than to have nothing at all. And we can bring battery powered fans and do a little editing afterwards to remove a bit of that sweat if necessary! We’ll also schedule your session for later in the day or first thing in the morning when it is slightly cooler out.

If you’d like to schedule a family session for yourself, click here!

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