Photo Tips – Head Shots

Today we’re talking about head shots! They’re something that everyone needs but seem to dread. Well we’re here to make the experience better! A few tips to make your head shot session go more smoothly:

1. Tell us things you’d like to avoid. Some people know that they prefer their left side over the right, or they know they can sometimes have a double chin. If you share these things with us beforehand, we can look out for them while we are shooting and give suggestions on how to fix them.
2. Wear something you are comfortable in. If you don’t like showing your arms, don’t wear something sleeveless! If you are uncomfortable in your clothing, it will show up in photos.
3. Consider the location of your photos. If we’ll be outside, choose your clothing accordingly. Try to avoid fabrics that will show sweat marks. Pick shoes appropriate to the terrain.
4. If your session will be indoors, consider the colors of your brand and try to incorporate them into the room or an accessory, like a necklace.
5. If you are concerned about a double chin, practice the Turtle! Push your head forward and lift your chin slightly.
6. Don’t forget to lint roll!
7. Relax and enjoy! Some of the best “action” head shots are captured while you’re laughing.

If you need to update your head shot, let us know! We can set up private head shot sessions that are totally custom to you and your business. We also offer group head shots for the entire business if you want to knock them all out at once!

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