Photo Tips – Hair and makeup for sessions

Lately we have had a lot of questions about having hair and makeup done for sessions. We have worked with many makeup artists over the years, so we have plenty of recommendations if you would like one. All of the hair and makeup artists we recommend have experience with how photography affects makeup. 

It is well known that when an actor is on stage, they require much more makeup than the average person. For photography, you don’t need extra makeup, but the way it is applied can make a huge difference. For example, darker eyes are a good idea, however, you don’t want to go over board with it! Also, it’s best not to use makeup with SPF in it as it can reflect the sun and cause your face to be lighter than your body.

We find that if someone is using makeup to hide something they don’t like, it can make editing more difficult. The best thing to do if you aren’t happy about a mark on your face, is to let us know about it and then wear your makeup as you normally would. Then, during the editing process, we can easily remove the spot.

Since we live in Texas, hair is a difficult one! With all this humidity it can be hard to get your desired effect. Having your hair professionally done can help with this problem. They know all of the tips and tricks for getting hair to stay pretty, even in our humid state!

If you would like more information about hair and makeup artists, let us know! We would be happy to talk with you about the subject and recommend one of the people we have used.

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