Photo Tips -Getting kids to look at the camera

Today we’re going to share some tips on how to get little ones to look at the camera when you’re taking photos. The most important thing is to either have only one person behind the camera, or to have the person taking the photo and one person to entertain children. If you have a second person, make sure they always stay directly behind you and that any action is happening at the level of the camera so that it appears everyone is looking.

If you’re taking photos by yourself, it’s time to get silly! Bring out the noises and songs! If the little ones have a favorite song, sing it and dance along! Or if you’re working with little boys, toot noises are an excellent tool for smiles! If you have help, your helper can do some of this as well. A little bit of tickling can also help bring a smile out, just don’t loose eye contact!

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