Photo Tips – Bokeh

Let’s talk about how to get that beautiful blur in the background of a photo. That blur is called bokeh. 

Bokeh is the byproduct of a lens’ various properties, including aperture, and focal length. Good bokeh is important for large aperture lenses, macro lenses, and long telephoto lenses. These lenses all need to obtain shallow depth of field to achieve out-of-focus backgrounds to make a subject pop and stand out.

Bokeh directly relates back to something we have talked about here previously; aperture. In order to achieve a beautiful bokeh you need a lens that has a large maximum aperture ( i.e. 1.4, remember a smaller number means a wider opening.) When we are looking for beautiful aperture on a shoot, we are going to be using our lenses with the largest aperture possible.

If you’re looking to learn a little more about  your camera and lens, we love to host camera basics parties! They’re a good excuse to get together with friends, eat, drink and learn!

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