Neutral Kid Toys

    Have you ever done a photo session with your child or grandchild and they brought their favorite toy into the session? It is probably the bright yellow/pink elephant that doesn’t match anything. Or the horrible multicolored thing you hate. We have all been there. It is their favorite, but it looks awful in the photos.

    It isn’t just you. The photographer feel your pain as well. We know that the kid’s gravitate to the multicolored toys. They catch their eye.

    After being in the family photography business for over 15 years, I have seen a lot of really ugly props being brought or drug into a session. 

    Don’t you wish there were neutral toys that look good on film?

    Amazon Socub Teeting rings

    I’m here to help! Here are a few that I have found that kids love and they look amazing.

    I’m going to start with the little ones. 

    This teether is adorable and is great for 3+ months. Socub teething ring. It comes in 9 colors, although some of the 9 colors are a little different than shown. 

    Another teether is the Miraloop teether. This comes in clear. I feel like anything that comes in clear for a photo session is perfection. If you prefer very neautral. Here is the Toy Life wooden car. You get two cars for $14. Your boys will love these and they can be added to any photo session.

    Looking for a neutral baby doll. I have a company that has several options by Fluffyfunstory. They have 8 different animals. They are all around $20.70. They are all 100% organic cotton. And super, super cute. They have a bear, elephant, sloth, and unicorn.

    Amazon nesting bears

    The Mushie has so many products, I can’t list them all. They are great for little babies to toddlers. I would love for them to be the focus of any of my sessions. Check out the beautiful stacking blocks or for older kids the nesting stars. I had a version of their shape sorting box when I grew up, but this one is way cuter. And of course their wooden alphabet puzzle. Usually these are in primary colors, but Mushie has made theirs in a muted pallet. 

    For my toddlers, I have a muted pallet xylophone. You will need to be careful with the sticks, but look how gorgeous it is. 

    This one may be my favorite. Nesting bears? Come on! And look at the colors. They have all kinds of different #s. But I included the biggest set, because they were just too darn cute for $22.

    Amazon Blue Ginkgo Play set

    This is for ages 18 months and up. A fun little Montessori puzzle. My son had one when he was little. But again it was really bright. I feel like the colors on this is so pretty. And could be added to any photo session. And the price can’t be beat.

    If you have toddlers age 3-5, this Blue Ginkgo play set is perfect. They can play doctor and it will go with a white or neutral set. It has 10 pieces and is only $25. This comes in 4 different colors. Your kids will love it and you can even plan a whole session around it. 

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