How did Kara start photography?

Well, isn’t this a flashback!

I started photography in junior high. I actually won a competition in school with a little point and shoot film camera. My dad was really into photography so he taught me a lot about composition and gave me the eye.

Then things just progressed from there. High school I was editor of the newspaper for 3 years. Hanging out in the darkroom. Developing photos, learning how to really take images on crappy little Canon rebel cameras. I dropped it all in college because I had way bigger fish to fry. But….

When I met my husband he was really isn’t it because he traveled a lot. He was Nikon. When we went on our honeymoon through Greece and the Med he bought me a new digital Canon rebel. He was amused that I was just snapping away. He was the pro then. But when my images came out way better than his, he was pissed. Mine all had people in them. People of the countries. He likes architecture and nature. So…..boring….

I progressed learning everything I could about lighting and every holiday I would get better gear.

Then when my son was born in 2009, I had a model.

Soon my corporate job became something I didn’t want to do anymore so I quit.

And photographing people was my passion.

I started out doing mainly maternity and newborn. Not many photographers were doing this way back in 2009. So it was good work back then. And by sharing my infertility story, about 80% of my clients came to me because of it.

But now I find that photographing family is my true passion. I love meeting families and getting to know them over the years. See the kids grow over time. Some I see from newborn to seniors.

Photography is an ever-changing business. And I have seen a lot in my 16 years. But mainly a lot of beautiful family milestones.

Kara and Caden Powell, 2013

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