Woodlands Extended Family – No rain until 5!

The Woodlands Extended Family Photographer
Extended family sessions are so amazing. I love capturing all of the different groupings. Especially grandparents with all of the kids. But they do come with a lot of expectations. And sometimes mother nature does not play along! When you have people coming in from out of town, you have to keep the date scheduled and just keep going.

So yesterday, we did as best we could. And really, for what we were dealt, it turned out amazing! It wasn’t what they had dreamed of and the conditions weren’t optimal. But the kids had an amazing time and the images will still be something that will be cherished for a long time to come! Big hair and all.

The weather app said we had until 5pm before the hard rain came through. Well, what they really meant was that it was all hard rain and be prepared. Luckily we had moved the session to a location that had cover. So we just kept going and had fun!

This was one of the first images we took and it was a good thing as it was only one of two we got to do outside. The rest were under the pavilion, but they all turned out great! Because people they love are in them!

Enjoy the sneak you guys and happy Mother’s Day!

Woodlands extended family photographer - 8 grandkids smile from a blanket in the grass

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