Lots of Girls – Houston TX Newborn Photographer

My first email from this momma was back in 2012. And she has followed me for awhile. Persistence pays off! Today, her sweet baby girl was my model and she was perfect. 8 days old. Miss E was the center of attention and rightfully so. Take a look at how beautiful she is! I say ... Read More »

Super Family – Houston TX Family Photographer

When you wait for something for a very long time and you dream about what they will be, you believe they can be anything. Anything they want to be. Especially all of those days when you are laying in the doctor’s office and they are talking of frozen this and that. Mixing this and that. ... Read More »

Perfect Pony Party – Houston TX Child Photographer

It was the ultimate pony party. If you have a child that is in love with horses, this is the place that you have to check out! Legacy Equine Academy in Tomball was amazing to work with and beautiful! Miss B knew her birthday party was yesterday, but she didn’t know what she was going ... Read More »

It’s Hot out There – Houston TX Family Photographer

Hot and Sticky When it’s hot, it’s hot. And there is nothing that I can do about it. Babies get sticky, makeup melts and everyone gets a little cranky. But still, we manage to press through and do all of the things that are on the calendar. It still amazes me to this day that ... Read More »

Newborn Models Needed in Houston, TX

Psst. Are you an expecting mama? Due between August and October? We have a deal for you! Newborn model call starts today. I have 3 spots left for this very special model call. Tag your friends if you know someone that may be interested. Or if it is you, give me a ring before the ... Read More »

Gene Pool – Houston TX Generations Photographer

Don’t you want to be a part of this gene pool? Wow! How many beautiful women can you put in one image? Well, lets count. I was so excited when one of my favorite clients called and asked if I could come over and take a few images of her mom, sister, aunt and all ... Read More »

Kids Room Limited Edition – Houston TX Child Photographer

Limited Edition Alert! Did you spend a ton of time getting your child’s room just right? Is it a work of art? I have seen some of them, and I know they are!!! Would you just love to capture their spunky spirit in that awesome room? This is your chance! Let’s do a custom photo ... Read More »

Worth the Wait – Houston TX Infertility Photographer

In more ways than one, this family was worth the wait. They are a part of the Miracle Project. And one look at the gorgeous images we captured last night and you can tell the love that they have for each other. They had to do a bit of waiting to build their beautiful family, ... Read More »

She is Yours – Houston TX Newborn Photographer

They were beyond excited. I heard many times, this sweet mama ask if this was happening. If this sweet newborn was theirs. If they really had a sweet little girl of their own. Well… I was there. And she was pretty perfect. Hard to believe she wasn’t a little doll. But she is all theirs ... Read More »

Kute Photo of June – Houston TX Family Photographer

The winner of the Kute Photo of June is the B Family!  You will recognize Mr. C. He is the cutie that just turned one and did a rubber ducky birthday themed session. Didn’t you just love his session? It was pretty epic out in the sunset. His smiled and different expressions made it that ... Read More »

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