Soon – Houston TX Twin Photographer

One day she will look back and the tiny blond curls will be gone. The toddling off of steps. The fighting over bubbles. The funny little pout and angry face. They will move on new things to learn. New ouches. The curls will get cut off or get put into pony tails. They will get ... Read More »

Future Daredevil – Houston TX Child Photographer

When your father is a professional firefighter, you are bound to have some daredevil in you somewhere. And Mr. C definitely does. He will only grace you with his beautiful smile if you throw him up in the air or pretend to drop him. Hmm. Doesn’t bode well for his toddler years. He also has ... Read More »

Fun in the Sun – Houston TX Family Photographer

This momma gave me a call specifically off of this blog post. She said it resonated with her. Being behind this camera more than in front of it these days. And it had to stop. She wanted some images of her and her beautiful children. Casual, fun and most of all REAL. So we set ... Read More »

Graduation day – Houston TX Child Photographer

And another one graduates. My baby model was in today. Sadly today was graduation day for him. He has been coming to me since he was in his momma’s belly, newborn, 6, 9 and now his bit one year session. Ugh. Just makes today harder for me. Actually for him, it makes today much, much ... Read More »

How – Houston TX Child Photographer

How do you want your child to remember you? In Caden’s room, he has many, many things (too many). Lots of toys, clothes, stuffed animals, etc. But on his walls, I made it a point to hang things that he loves. He has shelves with Lego’s that he built with his dad. Trophies from soccer. ... Read More »

Do you Pin? – Houston TX Photographer

I have about 30 minutes every night to kill when I’m waiting for my son to fall asleep. Yes, I am one of those moms that lays there every night. Ugh. But while I do, I pin. It is relaxing. So I have over 14,000 pins on my Pinterest site. You may want to check ... Read More »

Awaiting Sir Henry – Houston TX Maternity Photographer

I could have photographed this family all night. And it’s funny. I bet if I would tell most photographers that I had a client that has a family (expecting mom) with a 1 year old, a two year old they would freak out. It isn’t the easiest session. But oh my gosh you guys! It ... Read More »

Molly was a groovy time – Houston TX Child Photographer

Molly has come and gone. I have to say, I’m sad. I really did love her. She was a really fun prop. A little rusty around the edges like us all, but so bright and cheery on a good Saturday. And yesterday was one of those days. The weather was perfect and we really couldn’t ... Read More »

Bring on the Sun – Houston TX Child Photographer

Well, third time is a charm. After rescheduling this handsome little man’s session three times, the sun finally came out and made an appearance. And what a beautiful day it is. I can not believe he is 6 months old, actually almost 7 months old already! Hard to believe that he is growing up so ... Read More »

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