Picture Party – Houston TX Twin Photographer

They were told they were going to a picture party. Well I like the sound of that! I should tell every family they aren’t coming to take family portraits. They are coming to attend a picture party!!! It sounds way more fun. And if you could see all of their images, that is what they ... Read More »

Horsey – Houston TX Family Photographer

Every session I do is a little different. Some are easy and flow from pose to pose. Some are hard with the heat and locations. This session was fun, fast and filled with looking for horseys. We ran, we played, we had fun! Might sound weird, but when you do your session downtown. Where there ... Read More »

Vision of Beauty – Houston TX Family Photographer

There journey was not over with two biological boys of their own. She had a vision of a girl. And little did they know four years later that little girl would be such a huge part of their family. I had the privledge of hanging out with this family for a little big last night. ... Read More »

2 hours notice – Houston TX Family Photographer

I can only imagine having two hours notice. A phone call saying your sweet baby boy has arrived and to get over to the hospital to come see him. A family had chose them as adoptive parents! But these fabulous parents say they would have had it no other way. And with one look at ... Read More »

In and Out – Houston TX Family Photographer

Some sessions take awhile to get what you need. A few family portraits, a few of mom and baby, a few of dad and baby. And of course the baby alone. And then there are sessions like this one. I actually had two this morning. They just flowed and everyone was perfect. It wasn’t blistering ... Read More »

Nuggets for you – Houston TX Family Photographer

I’m sure there are parents out there that don’t approve of chicken nuggets, especially nuggets from McDonalds. They aren’t the healthiest of things for kids to eat. But gosh, they all love them so. I know Caden does. It is one of his favorite meals. So when this family pulled up and said they were ... Read More »

Lots of Kisses – Houston TX Newborn Photographer

You may remember this family from Miss A’s first birthday session that we did earlier this year. It was very chilly back then. Oh to be chilly again. She was such a trooper to be outside and happy about her King Cake. Now she has a new surprise! A baby brother to love on! And ... Read More »

Patience – Houston TX Family Photographer

This sweet family. Ugh. They had the patience of Mother Theresa. Not only was it really hot, but evidently my poor camera has a limit. And it reached it during their session. NOT a good thing with twin 6 month old girls who’s bed time was fast approaching. But they were so sweet and didn’t ... Read More »

Blink – Houston TX Child Photographer

With in a blink of an eye, he is one. I say this every time one of my Tippy Toes baby planners graduates, but come one! It was just yesterday when he started. We were headed to the beach with his family for their family maternity session. And now he is turning one. Why does ... Read More »

Duck, Duck – Houston TX Family Photographer

Little known fact…. I’m afraid of ducks. Not if they are just swimming around. But if they start following me. Yeah. They totally freak me out. So at last nights session when a little family of three ducks decided that we were their meal ticket. I was totally thrown off my game. Miss J was ... Read More »

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