Made me Work for it – Houston TX Child Photographer

You may recognize this little guy. I have shot his family ever since he was just a bump. Now he is six months old. But everytime he makes me work for those smiles. Yesterday was no exception. He wanted to check out the park and everything around him. NOT me. But that was ok. He ... Read More »

Blaze – Houston TX Child Photographer

It was fast, it was fun and I hope they love them. We see this dynamic duo every year at about this time. And my have they grown. I have been photographing Miss E since she was three months old. And now she is a ball of fire. Going here and there, always with a ... Read More »

Golden Hour – Houston TX Grandparent Photographer

Photographers love to shoot the hour before sunset. It is called the Golden Hour. The light is perfect. Not too bright, not too dull. And it makes everything sparkle. But last night I found new meaning for the Golden Hour. I had a very good client request an Extended Family session. Now I’ve done these ... Read More »

Cookies for Rudolph – Houston TX Child Photographer

These two have a bond with Santa. Well, probably with anyone they meet. But I know they have a special bond with Santa. This is going on four years for Miss K and three years for Mr. K to have their pictures taken with Santa Todd. To say they enjoy it is an understatement. They ... Read More »

Have no fear – Houston TX Santa Photographer

Come rain or shine, I can find a way to make our Santa sessions happen. We had several Santa sessions scheduled for this weekend in Galveston. Even though I was super excited for them and I think they would have been THE best Santa sessions we have ever done, the weather turned against us. So ... Read More »

Santa weather – Houston TX Child Photographer

My son said it was perfect Santa weather. Well, yes it was. But I’m evidently not keen on Santa weather and most Texan’s are not. But we powered through. Our other sessions will be held indoors on Sunday due to the rain. But Friday’s were perfect “Santa” weather. Even Rudolph would have approved. Here are ... Read More »

Perfect Princess – Houston TX Child Photographer

Oh! It’s Monday! Miss A’s excited, as she always is. She is 10 months already. I can’t believe she only have two months left on her heirloom plan. Pretty soon we will be celebrating her graduation with a huge first birthday session. But until then. Let’s celebrate how cute she is in this little carriage ... Read More »

Santa was here – Houston TX Child Photographer

Every year the studio has several limited edition mini sessions. One of those is our quiet time with Santa. It is a big hit with our clients and their kids that have grown up with our very special Santa Todd. He is a retired school teacher and the kids love him. We have a lot ... Read More »

Let the Holidays Begin – Woodlands TX Family Photographer

Every year we plan a session. And no matter what we do, it turns out pretty epic. This year will be pretty hard to beat. As I packed them up into the car, I over heard Miss B say, “This was the best photo session ever. Let’s do it again tomorrow.” Well…. We can’t do ... Read More »

Morning at home – Houston TX Baby Photographer

Yesterday I dropped by one of my favorite babies. I have gotten to know her and her families over her first year. She is in our Tippy Toes baby plan. Miss K is now 9 months old. You might remember her newborn session, or 6 month session. We just had a relaxing morning of hanging ... Read More »

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