All Smiles – Houston TX Child Photographer

I had a visitor this morning. And man was he all smiles. His sister was a serious one, so I was expecting the same with him. But nope! He was a happy one. Hamming it up for the camera. Made my job super easy. He had so many different expressions, I loved it. Check out ... Read More »

Going High Style – Houston TX Photographer

I was watching the New York Fashion week awhile ago and it came to me. Why can’t photographers combine high fashion with what we do through out the year? Not in what the clients wear, but in how we roll things out. So I’m going to try it out on you guys… This year, we ... Read More »

No Smiles for you – Houston TX Child Photographer

Three months ago, Mr. G was in and he was all smiles. You can have a quick flash back here for proof. But today, we had to work hard for the few that I got. But man, he is still one of my favorites! All smiles when you put that camera down. Tricky, tricky. I ... Read More »

Let’s Help Her Eat Cake – Houston TX Cake Smash

Sometimes I have one year olds that love cake, other times it takes them awhile to find there grove. That is why I have a lot of alternatives to cake for their one year parties. But at this party, it wasn’t the party that was the problem. Miss L just needed some helping hands to ... Read More »

Already – Houston TX Child Photographer

Can it be? Can she already be one? Yes, it is unfortunately true. About a year ago, we were at her old home in downtown Houston taking her beautiful newborn portraits. If you like to take a little flash back in time, go here. Still wearing a tutu, she was perfect in every way today. ... Read More »

Model Baby is Back – Houston TX Child Photographer

Do you recognize this sweet face? He was in three months ago, and now is back for his ten month session. Someone forgot to take his nap today. So he was a bit sleepy. But still my model baby. So cute in every way. I can not wait for two months when he will turn ... Read More »

Wild Time at the Zoo – Houston TX Child Photographer

Every year I think that they can’t top the idea from the past year. Last year his theme was transportation. So we did his 2 year session at an airport. Which was amazing. So this year, I thought it couldn’t be topped. But I was wrong. His birthday this year will be at the zoo. ... Read More »

Rather Have King Cake – Houston TX Child Photographer

Today was another graduation day. Miss A has been with me since her newborn session. And had her portraits done every three months in the Tippy Toes Plan. She graduated with flare. Even though it was close to 50 outside and we were all worried that she would be freezing and it would need to ... Read More »

Chow Down to One – Houston TX Child Photographer

Oh I can not believe he is one. I have had a lot of graduates lately and it is beginning to make me sad. This little one seems like he was just born yesterday. And yet, tada! One is here to stay. Ugh. These birthdays seem to keep coming. I do really enjoy them, but ... Read More »

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