Awaiting Sir Henry – Houston TX Maternity Photographer

I could have photographed this family all night. And it’s funny. I bet if I would tell most photographers that I had a client that has a family (expecting mom) with a 1 year old, a two year old they would freak out. It isn’t the easiest session. But oh my gosh you guys! It ... Read More »

Molly was a groovy time – Houston TX Child Photographer

Molly has come and gone. I have to say, I’m sad. I really did love her. She was a really fun prop. A little rusty around the edges like us all, but so bright and cheery on a good Saturday. And yesterday was one of those days. The weather was perfect and we really couldn’t ... Read More »

Bring on the Sun – Houston TX Child Photographer

Well, third time is a charm. After rescheduling this handsome little man’s session three times, the sun finally came out and made an appearance. And what a beautiful day it is. I can not believe he is 6 months old, actually almost 7 months old already! Hard to believe that he is growing up so ... Read More »

Two for two – Houston TX twin photographer

These sweet ladies. I fell in love when we first met. You might remember This image? I have had the pleasure of seeing them every year since they were born. And this morning was one of those days. They just recently turned two. Kinda a dreary day, but we had a great time playing at ... Read More »

Introducing Molly – Houston TX Child Photographer

Introducing Molly! This fun vintage VW vanagan is named Molly. She will be centerpiece to the Retro Easter mini sessions that will be taking place on March 28th. Want to see the flyer with all of the info on the session itself? Check it out here, we still have 3 spots left. She is nothing ... Read More »

Adventure Coming Soon! – Houston TX Mini Session Photographer

Adventure Coming Soon! Yep, March 28th fun with will happening at a hidden location in the Houston area. Many photographers in the Houston area will be having Easter minis in March. They may be taking “pictures” of kids on hay bales or posing kids by flowers and such. But I promise if you book with ... Read More »

All Smiles – Houston TX Child Photographer

I had a visitor this morning. And man was he all smiles. His sister was a serious one, so I was expecting the same with him. But nope! He was a happy one. Hamming it up for the camera. Made my job super easy. He had so many different expressions, I loved it. Check out ... Read More »

Going High Style – Houston TX Photographer

I was watching the New York Fashion week awhile ago and it came to me. Why can’t photographers combine high fashion with what we do through out the year? Not in what the clients wear, but in how we roll things out. So I’m going to try it out on you guys… This year, we ... Read More »

No Smiles for you – Houston TX Child Photographer

Three months ago, Mr. G was in and he was all smiles. You can have a quick flash back here for proof. But today, we had to work hard for the few that I got. But man, he is still one of my favorites! All smiles when you put that camera down. Tricky, tricky. I ... Read More »

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