Are you ready? – Houston TX Toddler Photographer

Yesterday was beautiful. Even the 5 month old that I met at the park noticed. All she wanted to do was check out the birds, trees, bushes, cars, etc. Definitely not look at me and smile. But that was ok by me. I understood. It was too pretty. And so was she. Miss G was ... Read More »

Looking good – Houston TX Family Photographer

Way back in 2009, this family was one of my very first clients. Miss R came to me when she was just one. And now look at her! She is just beautiful! Hard to believe I have been doing this for that long, as she is such a grown up. Tonight we had a great ... Read More »

Night, Night – Houston TX Family Photographer

Last night, I met one of my belly to baby planners out at East Shore for a short little mini. Yet, they aren’t in the plan anymore. Now Mr. C is now three months old. He is getting so big and things like this make me so happy and so sad all the same. All ... Read More »

A Pony, Sheep and lots of fun – Houston TX Family Photographer

Last night rain was threatening in every direction. Jenna and I actually drove an hour through rain to get to this fabulous session. But we thought positively and I’m so glad we did. Because what awaited us was so much fun. Yes, it was sticky humid and we did have 5 minutes of beautiful rain. ... Read More »

Up, Up and Away – Houston TX Child Photographer

This morning I had the honor to meet Mr. J and his family. I thought it was going to be a sunny day, so I borrowed my friends natural light studio to take Mr. J’s 9 month studio portraits. His mama has had his sister’s pictures done in a similar outfit at the same time. ... Read More »

The Wind Up – Katy TX Child Photographer

This sweet little angel almost had me fooled. When she arrived she was very shy. She just sat on the step and quietly smiled. But ten minutes later the wind up happened. And she came alive. And she was the cutest little thing! She loved to run and I can’t blame her. The weather was ... Read More »

I’ve created a monster – Houston TX Child Photographer

A friend of mine does fabulous images with herself and her son. Yes, I want to repeat myself. Images with herself IN them. If you want to check them out just follow Amy, you will see her post every once and awhile some really great images done with a tripod and a remote. So she ... Read More »

They don’t like cake – Houston TX baby photographer

When your baby turns one, there are so many things to think about. Party – no party. Sugar – no sugar. Milk – no milk. Vaccines – no vaccines. And on and on. So here at Kara Powell Photography, we wanted to give you a whole bunch of options for the traditional cake smash to ... Read More »

V is for – Houston TX Family Photographer

Last year I met this fabulous little family for a newborn session. Violet was a beautiful little baby girl. Of course I loved her name because I do love purple. And she had a ton of shoes. But I got to know her mama quite well and they won the Kute Photo contest for her ... Read More »

My boys in pink – Houston TX Family Photographer

So… If you follow me on Facebook, you have heard that my little has had a hard time with getting used to Kindergarten. Discipline issues, new teacher, new school, etc. Last week we had a lot of teasing going on. Of all of the things I thought would not be a problem. Teasing. Caden is ... Read More »

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