Want to have Loads of Fun – Houston TX Child Photographer

Summer is coming and what a better way to ring it in than playing in the laundry mat. Do you remember this session we did a long time ago? Well, it’s back and now it is your turn. Welcome summer with your own version of suds and loads of fun. We are having vintage laundry ... Read More »

Giggle Fest – Houston TX Child Photographer

These little ones know who is the best at making them giggle. Taking pictures is not boring at Kara Powell Photography! They had a great time this weekend. (Keep in mind, these four images were literally taken in 5 minutes.) We took more of course, but did we really need to? That is how we ... Read More »

Be You – Houston, TX Child Photographer

Be vibrant. Be Stunning. Be brave and be free. Let go of the world around you. Be you and not me. This little lady. She loves to paint. Anywhere. So why not out in a gorgeous field filled with sunlight. So we carted everything out on a very pretty day and painted away.  She hardly ... Read More »

Long awaited – Houston TX Newborn Photographer

When you wait 13 years for something it better be good. And man, Mr. Z was seriously well worth the wait. He was THE perfect baby. Slept the entire time I was there. Even passed him back to his mama sound asleep. Now that is a good baby. He never knew we were there. We ... Read More »

Mommy Love – Houston TX Family Photographer

Ugh. I am so missing all of the Mommy and Me sessions from last week. They were so amazing. Just seeing the connection between all of those fabulous mothers and their kiddos. It was so fun! And the images that we captured hopefully will be part of their legacy to those babies. Here is one ... Read More »

The Beach is Calling – Houston TX Family Photographer

Do you want magical portraits of your family? Do you want it to be easy and fun? How much more fun could it be than just playing at the beach? Jenna and I are heading to the beach soon (select dates in May and August) and we would love for you to join us. Not ... Read More »

Flying Around – Houston TX Family Photographer

Oh man, this sweet boy has been my “boyfriend” for so long. He is one of my favorites, and everyone knows it. But he does not belong to me. Sadly. He belongs to this sweet lady. And I was so glad we got to capture a whole session. Mommy and me! I think they had ... Read More »

One Day – Houston TX Baby Plan Photographer

One Day, Mr. A will start seeing me often enough to break out his smiles for me. But until then, the handsome stare is all I get from him. You would never know it from these sneaks, but he is a tough one. Lots of seriousness from Mr. A. He is not too sure about ... Read More »

Soon – Houston TX Twin Photographer

One day she will look back and the tiny blond curls will be gone. The toddling off of steps. The fighting over bubbles. The funny little pout and angry face. They will move on new things to learn. New ouches. The curls will get cut off or get put into pony tails. They will get ... Read More »

Future Daredevil – Houston TX Child Photographer

When your father is a professional firefighter, you are bound to have some daredevil in you somewhere. And Mr. C definitely does. He will only grace you with his beautiful smile if you throw him up in the air or pretend to drop him. Hmm. Doesn’t bode well for his toddler years. He also has ... Read More »

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